Sunday, July 1, 2012

make a rainbow in the photo with photoshop

The Final Editing Photo

make a rainbow in the photo are made based on the colors and techniques to photograph a rainbow and duplicate elimination gradation way
  • Open photoshop version whatever, insert images to be edited
    Then enter the rainbow picture below
  • Then drag and drop in photos, organize photos using the Ctrl + T place it as shown below when finished press enter:
  • In order to edit and adjust the contrast is seen sepurna of the photo, then change the layer opacity of the rainbow photo was called to be: 44%
  • The next step, hahus predetermined area, delete using the eraser tool, eraser tool to do the settings as shown below:
    Region 1 (the bottom of the sky): opacity and flow: 100%
    Region 2 (the head): opacity and flow: 40%
    Region 3 (the heavens and the sea boundary line): opacity and flow: 20%
  • If you want to set the light effects, there is a more simple, using a plug-in PS, here I use a plug-in NIK (download: here )
  • May be useful ^ _ ^