Sunday, July 1, 2012

Transform digital photos into a 2D vector with photoshop

The Final Editing Photo

Transform digital photos into 2D vector dimension is the change that looks like a cartoon character, the settlement will be discussed here rather than the conversion of a vector image manipulation effects that will be in edit
  • Open PhotoShop version whatever, then enter pictures! Here I use my mbak photo (:-D)
  • Adjust the picture brightness level to select Image> Ajustments> Brightness / Contrast (not too dark a picture try to make it easier to see differences in color)

  • Because we will draw it manually, then we must reduce the number of colors on photos
  • how to select menu Image> Ajustments> Posterize ... choose number 3 or 4.

  • Now we begin to trace the image, select the Pen Tool line options seem to change when we choose the Pen tool. Choice line contains the settings that can be used to modify the behavior of the currently active tool. On Line Options select the Shape Layer, which allows the kit to make a path on a new layer. Set the color.

  • We make a more interesting first is face
  • Make a shape following the colors in the image area, repeat to make a shape in the area of another color
  • The result:

  • For ease of drawing, we can set the level of opacity on the layer palette images can even be set to 0. To change the color on each layer shape, do it in a way to click 2 times on its layer thumbnail. Then choose one color
  • If the finished face will look like this:

  • Now turn the parts besides the face,
  • Activate the first layer "background"
  • Looks the part very much, we do not need to do as above again, we can use the feature filters are available
  • Separate prior to first remove the background, the selection can be done with the pen tool, Polygonal Lasso Tool, Eraser Tool
  • Here I use the pen tool, if it has been selected parts of the body, right-click> Make selection and then Ctrl + Shift + I and immediately delete with Ctrl + X
  • The result will be like this:

  • Filter> Artistic> Cutout, Set as shown below:

  • Photos made cartoon 2d have been completed, if you want more interesting to give background
  • Change Layer "background" to "layer" name "layer2"
  • Create a new layer Ctrl + Shift + N Give it the name "Layer3" Lay Here "layer2"
  • Can put the image on that layer, or by color (Ctrl + backspace) and in Style (Double click on the "Layer3")

  • Photos are ready on display ^ _ ^! Hopefully Helpful.