Sunday, July 1, 2012

remove the color cast in the photo with photoshop

The Final Editing Photo

Color cast photo is caused by a camera flash or from the effects of a room that does not support, with photoshop would be able to eliminate the use features ajustment
  • Open Photoshop version number only, enter the picture (this picture fiance ane:-D)
  • Click Ctrl + M
  • Then press the cursor and locate the neutral value (input and output) in the photo (neutral: 128)
  • If it has been found, click the cursor off the Shift key and click mouse
  • Look for samples 2-3, which aims to determine the best

  • Click the Set Gray Point on Curves dialog box and click the sign earlier, enable the Caps Lock key on the keyboard to be more precise in a sample click

  • And then Click OK when finished

  • May be useful! Thank you