Sunday, July 1, 2012

Photo manipulation eroded away with photoshop

The Final Editing Photo

  •  The First Open Photoshop version whatever, then enter pictures
  • Duplicate pictures (Ctrl + J) give the name "Layer 1"

  • Click the Eye icon on the "layer 1", and activate the layer "background"
  • Use the Clone Stamp Tool to create a duplicate in swipe samples
  • Press Alt + click for the target sample to be in the brush, then brush on the body

  • Then click the eye icon again to "Layer 1" and switch
  • Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) give nan "layer 2" put on the "Layer 1"
  • Click the Brush tool and then load the brush is required to click the small arrow icon near the large and small brush Replace Brush,
  • Click Here To Download Brushnya

  • Brush Brush the edges of the body
  • Change foreground color according to the edge of the body, wana take a sample by clicking on the photo colors.

  • Enable the "Layer 1"
  • Remove the part that needs to be removed, remove some of the edge of the picture so it looks flaky missing photos,

  • And Then The last step make photos look Moderate suffered destruction (:-D)
  • By playing lighting (Ctrl + m) and blur (Filter> Blur> Blur Gausian)

  • Gan may be useful ^ _ ^ Thank You