Sunday, July 1, 2012

Creating a Broken Floor Photo Techniques With Photoshop

The Final Editing Photo

Creating a Broken Floor Photo Techniques Can use as outlined in the elimination of photo manipulation photo
  • Open Photoshop Version whatever, and then enter the picture. This photo of street children "dauz cameloni":-D
  • The first step make the wheels on the ground photos are drowned out by using the Clone Stamp Tool,
  • Create sample (press the Alt key and click) and then brush on the road take the wheel, so as follows:

  • Next Steps Photo insert cracked soil

  • Put your photos on the ground under the wheels, make the layer mode: vivid Light, Opacity: 83%, Fill: 75%

  • Copy Paste the photos to look cracked wheel brakes at high speed

  • Then delete the photos that appear to accumulate land at the wheel, remove it using the eraser tool

Thank You