Saturday, June 30, 2012

Change the Background and Background Effect In Photoshop

The Final Editing Photo

  • Open Photoshop version whatever, then enter pictures (this My friends)
  • Change the background layer to layer> double click on the background layer> ok
  • Use the Healing Brush Tool to slightly soften the skin and remove freckles - black spots are somewhat exaggerated in the nose and forehead
  • Here's how:
  • press and hold down the ALT key on the keyboard and left click on the skin smooth but also have the same skin color to be edited so that the stripes will not arise, then release the alt key and click on the dull skin

  • And then Create duplicat layer by pressing CTRL + J
  • Then click Filter> Noise> Dust & scratches and then setting the radius to 9 and the threshold to 0

  • Then go to Filter> Blur> Blur Glaussian
  • you can use a radius of 2-5, for example here just choose the middle - the middle of the 3

  • Then select Layer> Layer Mask> Hide All and you will get images like this

  • Then left click on the black box that is the writing layer 1
  • select a standard brush and start rubbing the brush to the skin to make it look glamorous

  • a. Activate the Brush
  • b. Hardness set 0%
  • c. set foreground (white) background (black)
  • d. kuaskan to click - left click the mild to the skin
  • The result: skin as glowing and soft (soft)

  • If you want more pictures wow!, Change the background image with another background, such as beaches, mountains, views of others.
    We must first separate the background image with its object, can use the pen tool, polygonal lasso tool, magic tool
    The result will look like this:

  • Insert background image that we want, here I use the beach background

  • Enter letakkakan background layer and the layer below the last

  • To select the right lighting, adjust to the background. Can use the effect on NIK plugin (Download: here)
  • Thank you